We are also « free » to teach our students subjects which have been sidelined or disregarded by the official national education programs, and that, early in the pupil’s life.


We have always taught children to read with the purely syllabic method, guaranteeing excellent spelling and a superior understanding of texts. To give just another example, our beautiful “gold-heart” medal rewards students with good behavior and kindness towards their fellow students.


Only one class by section, very few pupils in each class, early learning, English courses from the age of 2, moral values and traditional methods are all the keys that will later allow our little “sparrows” to be accepted into the best secondary schools:


  • Higher knowledges than the « Education Nationale Program”

  • An internationally recognized English certificate (The Cambridge Young Learners Certificate)
  • Last but not least, the joy of study.


In order to « learn how to learn » and then be able to « understand ».

“Learning how to learn” promotes comprehension.


The bilingual school « Les Moineaux »:


  • Welcomes the children from the age of 2 years old in the Kindergarten to the entrance of the secondary school (6ème).
  • Teaches how to read, write and count from the age of 4 years old.
  • Gives the satisfaction of effort and rewards it (medals, bons points, cards, honor roll, « Gold Heart »).
  • Teaches rigour and discipline in a familial and human atmosphere
  • Welcomes « intellectually precocious children »
  • Respects the personality of every child and « feeds » them according to their « appetite » in an demanding but cosy frame of mind
  • Invites the parents in class several times a month.


The bilingual school « Les Moineaux » is also:


  • A teaching experience for 4  generations

  • A pure syllabics reading method created by “Les Moineaux” in order to read early and understand better the meaning of the texts, from the age of 4
  • A personalized teaching adapted to the needs and the pace of the students
  • A very familial atmosphere and small groups classes
  • A supervised study, chess, plastic arts, theater, Chinese and music courses
  • Numbers of field trips to develop eyes and ears and open their mind on Culture and Arts.


Everything is organized at the bilingual school « Les Moineaux » to provide children with the keys to success, to open wide the doors of the secondary school, respecting the fulfillment and the personality of each child with rigor and kindness: “excellence rhyming with requirement”.