About us

The bilingual school « Les Moineaux » : more than an institution, it’s a tradition

“a school in the old fashion way, a bit like in the good old days”


Established in 1933, the bilingual school Les Moineaux has resisted every fashion trends and passing fads, offering traditional teaching methods and respecting the personality of each child attending the school, making requirement rhyme with excellence.

Starting from the age of 2 years old in the bilingual Kindergarten (French-English) or the trilingual Kindergarten (French-English-Russian), our little “sparrows” receive a personalized teaching at an early stage, which through example, and being seen and listened to as individuals makes them feel well-rounded at school, where they enjoy learning and achieving in small groups.

Our bilingual school is private, non-religious, independent and “traditional”. We like to say in the “old-fashioned way”.

International, our bilingual school welcomes, in uniform, children of any nationality, religion or culture. Our pupils wear uniforms and experience in a friendly community how they are alike and how they are different. They open themselves up to the World (about 78% of our students are foreign or bi-cultural families).