Starting early in the pupil's life, we are 'free' to teach our students subjects which have been sidelined or disregarded by the official national education programmes.



We have always taught children to read with the purely syllabic method, guaranteeing excellent spelling and a superior understanding of texts. The famous 'moral values' are still taught at the Moineaux Bilingual school. The medal - «a heart of gold» - rewards good behaviour and kindness from children to their fellow students.



There is one class for each section and very few pupils in each class. In addition, early learning leads to the discovery of English from the age of 2. Our emphasis on moral values and methods will later allow students to be accepted into the best Secondary Schools due to their repertoire of vital knowledge gained through time at "Les Moineaux."


Les Moineaux is considered:



A very high level Primary School

Known internatinally for its English certificate : The Cambridge English Young

Learners Certificate (YLE)

Far superioir to the programme of the French National Education

Above all else, a school which encourages pleasure in studying


To "Learn How to Learn," and thus be able to understand.




Bilingual School Les Moineaux


  • introduces making an effort, working hard, and reward
  • teaches rigour in a warm atmosphere and small classes (8 classes from Nursery to Year 6 included)
  • accepts pupils from the age of 2 into the nursery
  • education in Russian from the age of 2
  • education in Chinese from the age of 5
  • education in English from the age of 2
  • respects the personality of every child and feeds pupils according to their «appetite»
  • welcomes advanced children (HP1-E1P)
  • organizes personal teaching according to the needs and rythms of pupils in a warm atmosphere with small classes




Les Moineaux Bilingual School offers


  • reading early and understanding what you read thanks to the Moineaux method and the book created by the school based on the pure syllabic method (from the age of 4)
  • knowing how to count and add from the age of 5
  • English lessons every day taught by a British teacher
  • one dictation a day
  • «Moral values» classes
  • weekly tests with corrections parents can attend in their child's classroom
  • preparation for an internationally known English certificate: The Cambridge English Young Learners Certificate (YLE)
  • Chinese classes
  • Russian lessons from the age of 2
  • art classes
  • the music garden: music classes from the age of 2
  • acting classes
  • a workshop on «Life and Discovery of the World»
  • many school outings with parents who wish to participate in order to develop the eyes, the ears, and the mind to appreciate Culture and Arts
  • many rewards to encourage children (gold stars, pictures, Certificates of Merit, progress medals, gold hearts, gold medals and so on…)



Everything is organized at the Bilingual School "Les Moineaux" to provide children with the keys to success to open doors wide and to respect their happiness and personality always with rigour and kindness.