About us


«Les Moineaux» Bilingual School: 

                           more than an institution, a tradition



"An old-fashioned school, like in days gone by..."



Established in 1933, "Les Moineaux" Bilingual School has resisted every fashion and fad, offering traditional teaching methods and respecting the personalities of all children attending the school.


Starting from the age of 2 years old in nursery school, Little Sparrows receive personal teaching, thorough listening, and unconditional love. This makes them feel happy to be at school and eager to enjoy learning and achieving in small classroom settings.



Our bilingual school is private, non-religious, independent, and traditional.

We like to say in "the old-fashioned way."


By virtue of wearing uniforms, all children of any nationality, religion, or culture live together convivially in a community and open themselves to the world by experiencing how they are alike and how they are different.